Through a photograph you can capture a sense of place, or a moment in time. Technical information: Use natural light to give your pictures a sense of place. Please turn off the flash when taking pictures. When sending portraits, the head should usually fill most of the frame. When taking photographs indoors without a flash, it's sometimes helpful to rest the camera on something solid, like a tabletop, before taking the picture. You may send us a photograph of anything. Here are some ideas to get you started. Please send us photographs that tell us about how you see and feel about the world. Send us portraits of your family, friends, or strangers. If there's a beautiful garden or tree in your neighborhood, take a picture of that and send it to us. Capture action, like sports, or traffic, or a rushing wave. Send us pictures of cities, the lights at night, the stores where you shop. Please send us photographs of nature: a lovely flower, clouds scuttling across the sky, snowdrifts, a stream. Use your imagination. You can also set up scenes from stories using Playmobile, or Legos, or stuffed animals, or using your friends as actors to create a scene form a book, something from  your imagination, or form a movie. 

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