For the most information, please read our post on Writing Recipes. The basic instructions are here. But there is more information in the post. The only length limit is for the headnote. The story that goes with the recipe -- the story that is about the recipe -- should be no longer than 250 words. Your recipe will be tested. So, please make sure you have tested it several times reading your own instructions. 

Here is the format we would like your recipe submission to be in.
  1. Recipe title.
  2. The Headnote. Maximum 250 words. Many cookbooks use a recipe format that includes what they call a "headnote." The headnote is a little story. You can think of it as a short short story. What you say there is really up to you, the recipe author. You can talk about how the dish is your favorite. You an tell about the first time you tasted it. Or smelled it. Or made it. Or, you can give some advice about the recipe. For example, if there is a tricky part you can talk about it here. Whatever you say, you should think of the headnote as a little jewel.
  3. The list of ingredients. This is where you say what goes into a recipe, and usually, how much of it that is needed. But, there is leeway here. For example, if you are writing a recipe for fried chicken, you can say, butter or oil for frying. If making crepes you could say, add milk to make a thin batter. On the other hand, you can also give exact measurements for everything.
  4. Instructions. The instructions are step-by-step procedures that need to be followed to make the recipe work. One way to think about it as you write them is that you are talking to a friend. You are standing next to a friend in a kitchen explaining to the friend what to do. If, in the list of ingredients your recipe called for 2 eggs, then in the instructions you might say, "Break two eggs into a bowl and mix." Depending now what you are making, you might say, "Break two eggs into a bow and mix until light and fluffy." In other words, tell people what they need to do. Flour and milk mixed together can be lumpy. If the batter needs to be smooth then say, "Mix until there are no more lump."
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