Ends in 5 days, 11 hours

We are publishing recipes in our December Food issue. We suggest you read our post on Writing Recipes for detailed advice on writing a recipe: it's often a lot harder than you think!

Please submit a photo or two of the food along with your recipe. We'd like to see how it is supposed to look from the author's point of view. This could be a picture of your finished dish, or a step in the process, or both. We will test your recipe, and if we choose it, we may publish it with either your photos or ours.

Here is the format we would like your recipe submission to be in:

  1. Recipe title.
  2. The Headnote. Maximum 400 words. Many cookbooks use a recipe format that includes what they call a "headnote." The headnote is your own little story about the recipe.  You can talk about how and why the dish is your favorite. You an tell about the first time you tasted it. Or smelled it. Or made it. Or, you can give some advice about the recipe. For example, if there is a tricky part you can talk about it here.
  3. Ingredients. This is where you list what goes into a recipe, and usually, how much of it is needed, whether a general instruction (a splash of milk) or a very precise measurement (32.5 grams of sugar).
  4. Method/Instructions. The instructions are step-by-step procedures that need to be followed to make the recipe work. Imagine you are standing next to a friend in a kitchen explaining to what to do. If, in the list of ingredients your recipe called for 2 eggs, then in the instructions you might say, "Break two eggs into a bowl and mix;" or you might say, "Break two eggs into a bowl and mix until light and fluffy." In other words, tell people exactly what they need to do.