All reviews must be at least 300 words and no more than 600 wordsThe purpose of a review is for you to tell others what, in your opinion, to expect. This means that you should tell us what the book, movie, TV show, or song is about, but it also means that we want you to go beyond a simple plot summary. 

Please begin by selecting a book from your library or bookstore. If possible, choose a book that was published within the last year or two. We also like to see reviews of children's classics.

Read the book carefully and think about what it means to you. We’re not particularly interested in a summary of the story. Instead, we want to know how the characters and situations in the story affect you personally. If there is any part of the story you find especially bad or good, write about that part. Have you had an experience similar to any in the story? If you have, write about your experience and how it compares with the one in the story. Whenever possible, back up the ideas you express in your review with examples from the book.

TV/Movies: Begin by choosing a movie or show about which you have strong feelings. If you've seen a movie many times already, that might be a good place to start. Explain your opinion with references to the work. Don't just say, "I like this movie," or "I didn't like the TV show." 

If the movie is part of a series, how does it compare to the others in the series? If you familiar with one of the actors you might say something about how this performance compares to other performances you are familiar with.

Music: Pick a song or an album by an artist you really like or dislike. Listen to it closely a few times. What kind of song is it—popular, classical, hip-hop? What are the words of the song? Does it remind you of any other songs? And, of course, what do you really like—or not like—about it?
We look forward to receiving your review!
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