$3.00 USD

Option One for Book Reviewers

Apply to be a book reviewer by sending an email to editor Gerry Mandel: editor@stonesoup.com. Include your name, age, birthdate, and mailing address, as well as your parent's name, phone number, and email address. Tell Ms. Mandel a little about yourself, including why you want to be a book reviewer and what kinds of books you like to read. If you seem like a good candidate to review books for Stone Soup, Ms. Mandel will let you know. She will try to match you up with a book from one of the major publishing companies. She will send you the book with full instructions for your review. If your book review is published, you will receive $25.

Option Two for Book Reviewers

Find your own book to review and upload your review here on Submittable. If you choose Option Two, be sure to follow our Book Review Guidelines:

Select a book that interests you from your library or bookstore. If possible, choose a book that was published within the last couple of years. Read the book carefully and think about what it means to you. We’re not particularly interested in a summary of the story. Instead, we want to know how the characters and situations in the story affect you personally. If there is any part of the story you find especially bad or good, write about that part. Have you had an experience similar to any in the story? If you have, write about your experience and how it compares with the one in the story. Whenever possible, back up the ideas you express in your review with examples from the book. Your review must be at least 450 words and no more than 600 words

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