What kinds of images are we look for? 

We are always looking for vivid and innovative drawings, photographs, paintings, collages, and prints to feature in the magazine. All images should be complete scenes in color, filling the entire page.

In general, we are less interested/in need of images of animals at this time; however, if you have a particularly wonderful image of an animal, we would love to see it! Know that we do have more opportunity to use images of dogs and cats than images of exotic animals like lions or tigers. We are particularly excited to see landscapes and city scenes, portraits and images with people in them, as well as more abstract images like this, this, or this.

Image requirements

Please upload a high-res photograph of your artwork in the largest file size possible. Your image should be at least 500kb large—we cannot accept images smaller than that—and ideally 1mb or more. There is no maximum file size, and, in fact, bigger is better in terms of quality!

If you are sending in a photograph of a painting or other work, please make sure there is no glare on it. Always prioritize a clear, crisp image of the artwork over a zoomed-in view with no background; we can always crop the image but will need to ask you to resend if the initial image is of low quality.

Submitting multiple images

We encourage you to submit multiple images at once, but ask that you please group them all in one submission; you can submit up to five files at one time. 

Please do not submit more than one group of images at a time. Wait for a response from us before submitting again.


After having work accepted to the magazine, please wait at least six months before submitting again in any genre. This will help us ensure greater diversity of contributors in each issue. Thank you! 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.