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Send us Your Response to the first Weekly Creativity Challenge of the Month
Every Monday, we publish a Weekly Creativity prompt at our website, Stonesoup.com. The first one of the month is also a flash contest! For this contest, all you have to do is pick up the Weekly Creativity Challenge prompt published on the first Monday of the month, and submit your response to it by noon Pacific time on the following Sunday.

Contest Details
Genre:  The Weekly Creativity prompt will specify exactly what we want you to do. Make sure that you are responding to the prompt that was posted on the first Monday of the current month. The first week of the month is the only wee that this contest runs. Check for the prompt here.

Length:  It depends on the prompt. Some of them will have specific instructions (e.g. write a 10 line poem, or a three paragraph piece of prose, or compose a still life photograph). Other writing prompts might be more open, suggesting you write a story or rework one you already have, or make a piece of art on a theme. Where the prompt specifies, follow the guidance on length and/or medium. If it doesn't specify, it's up to you how long or short you make your writing (but remember, this is a flash contest, so we don't expect you to write a novel!).

Age Limit:  For the flash contests, we will accept work from those age 13 and under. 

Deadline:  Sunday at 12:00 midnight (Pacific Time). 

Entry fee:  $2.00 

Results and Prizes:  We will select 5 Winners and 5 Honorable Mentions by the following Wednesday.  

Publication:  We will publish the 5 Winners' work on the Stone Soup Blog; and announce each week's Winners and Honorable Mentions in our Saturday Newsletter.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.